Play the Long Game

Playing the long game is what will separate you from the rest of the crowd. Everyone wants to be an immediate success, a “meme”, and for that reason they reject the things that are important to them, and diminish the importance of their work.

The first thing to consider is this, what is it that really interests you? In other words, what are you passionate about? Do you feel “nerdy”? Welcome to the club! For every wild success story that you experience or read about today, there was one (or a couple) “nerds” who were convinced that nothing would come of their efforts.

This is the dilemma of the adventurer. To face the self doubt, and yet give it credence at the same time, is what sets you, the adventurer miles apart from the folks who want the “sure thing”. Those people who seem to think that there is some recipe for success other than individuality and hard work.

Believe in yourself, play the long game and your vision will arrive with more clarity than you could have imagined.

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