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What about passive income quest content?

Passive income quest content apparently has too many posts to scroll through and there’s no way to quickly browse the site for topics of interest. I’ve been informed that this is the situation. So, for now, I’m going to create a lost of topics and their associated links in this post to help you find things that you may be interested in.

This will have to be the solution until I figure out how to move posts to their own individual pages and get the site better organized.

The quest itself

If you’re interested in my personal quest to find passive income and why I’m on the quest here are the posts related to the quest. I’ve written a fair amount along the way about my own passive income quest. Hopefully, there’s something in here that will help you. I’ve had a few successes and a fair amount of frustration; learn from my mistakes. Not all of the passive income quest content is about how to earn passive income, some content is just about my quest to find it.

Passive income quest content – blogging

Blogging has been my main focus for passive income because it’s something that I can do at any time that costs me time but no money. I do some research, I try some things, I write, I repeat. You’ll find information on my struggles to get some traffic, my quest to create a better user experience for the blog, my efforts to optimize with SEO, troubles and successes with social media and some minor success with ad revenue.

Passive income – eCommerce

I haven’t had a chance to dabble too much with eCommerce so this is a limited area for the time being but if you’re ready to get into it you’ll find a review of the top 3 drop ship suppliers.

Passive income – photography/graphic design

Trials and tribulations of the artistic type. Obviously, my artistic talents lie in writing but for the few photos and designs that I’ve put up, I’m somewhat proud of what I’ve put up for sale. If I ever get bored of writing and researching, I can always dust-off GIMP and Inkscape and throw together some graphic designs. It’s also a good place to market my photos which I’ve taken on my travels.

Passive income – advertising

Mainly focused on my experiences with Google AdSense. If it wasn’t for people clicking the advertisements once in a while this blog would still not be making money.

Passive income – affiliate programs

Hopefully my research works better for you than it has for me. To be fair, I haven’t really put much effort into making the most out of my affiliates. I’ve tried a few with Amazon and I’ve promoted a few others that I like but no luck yet.

Passive income – investing

eCommerce for your pleasure mainly revolves around buying an eCommerce site and running it. I expect that once you get it going you can hire that work out to someone else and then it’ll be passive income. Aside from that, investing is a tried and true way to make passive income. However, little effort or little money often means little reward.

Passive income – P2P lending and interest

I’d recommend P2P lending if you’re not confident in your ability to choose stocks because it’ll get a decent rate of return (as long as you don’t go too risky). If you’re not making enough interest on your bank’s savings account, switch, and if you have good credit, get a card that pays back more points.

Other passive income quest content

I had no idea where to stick this one but it’ll make you a little money which is better than making zero money if you’re too young to work or have no left-over money for investing. Whatever you make from this, be sure to invest it in something that will make you passive income.

Active income

Because sometimes you just need to make more money in your daily life through active work to have something extra to invest for more passive income.

Passive income quest content: Financial Foundations

These posts are focused on helping to give some insight into personal finance or otherwise point you in the right direction to help steady your finances and improve your personal finance acumen.


I’ve taken a look at some other passive income bloggers and I don’t like to be disparaging if I don’t have to be but sometimes a passive income site does nothing for you but suck you in to make money for themselves. I sincerely hope that you find value here while I make my way along my own quest.

More passive income quest content

Here’s to the start of more passive income quest content in the future. I hope to see you here in the future.


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