Passive income with Redbubble

Let’s make some passive income with; it’s a print on demand service. You provide the content and they print on whatever someone wants to buy.

I’ve created my account and created my first bit of design. It’s not terribly sophisticated but I like it. I once had a boss that said, “what’s your passion?” and all I could think is that I’m passionately stoic. I’m not the kind of person who gets very emotional. I don’t feel any passion for my work; it’s work, what can I say? So, that’s my design, “Passionately Stoic.”

Anyway, I made my design and I posted it.

passive income with redbubble
My first designs on Redbubble – Passionately Stoic

Getting set up with Redbubble was pretty easy; no complicated survey, no to too many questions, just sign up and get started.

A little something about creating content first

You’ll need some tools, I recommend GIMP for image editing (it’s like Photoshop except it’s free) and Inkscape (it’s like Illustrator but free). GIMP will help you with working with your images (colors, sizing, alpha channel (transparent background), and other classy photo manipulations. Inkscape is a vector drawing program. The problem with normal images made or edited by something like GIMP is that as they scale you can see the pixels getting bigger and bigger. Vector based graphics are based on mathematical equations so as the images get bigger the lines and shapes that create the image scale without pixelating. I’m sure it’s more technical but that’s really the simple answer that’ll get you by.

Now content

Next, you’ll probably want some content. This is up to you; do some brainstorming to see what you can come up with. It doesn’t have to be a funny phrase or even have words. It could just be a pattern that you like. Redbubble has an option to repeat a pattern so if that’s what you have, it’ll work.

Not skilled as a graphic designer? Get yourself on youtube and start learning about graphic design or perhaps check into your local community college and take a class or two. Here’s an Inkscape tutorial and a GIMP tutorial to help get you started. Here’s a link for the GIMP download and for the Inkscape download.

Now for passive income with Redbubble

Ok, now that you have some content (imagine we just had your training and design montage). Sign up with Redbubble, confirm your email address, set up your payment information and upload your first image.

Redbubble has lots of options for you to slap your image on. I chose the generic t-shirt because I think my Passionately Stoic design looks nice on a shirt and I believe there are lots of people who want the world to know that they give zero fucks for other peoples’ drama. I also put it on a notebook, a mug, and some device cases. I feel like I shouldn’t have to say “think before you decide what to put it on” but I’m going to anyway. Obviously, my design wouldn’t be noticeable on the scarf they had, wouldn’t look good on an a-frame dress and probably wouldn’t make sense on a number of the other products they’re offering so I chose to be judicious and abstained from spamming my design like a teenager having sex for the first time.

passive income from redbubble
Athenian Red

I also added a photo to see how it would hold up on Redbubble ’s products. I like it, and it’s nice to see it on more product types than are offered with Printful.

So, how do I feel about all this?

The first thing that I noticed that I didn’t like is that I can’t seem to find a way to rotate my images. If I want to put something on an iPhone case at 90 degrees, it looks like I’ll have to rotate the image myself with GIMP and then upload again as a second design. That’s really my only gripe about adding my images to products; everything else was pretty easy and I can see what the product will look like instantly.


One thing that concerns me is that I’ll be lost in the crowd of other designs. There are a lot of great designs on Redbubble and I’m not seeing how someone would find my two little products. I specifically had to search for “Passionately Stoic” to find the shirt design and again for “Athenian Red” to find my products. If there’s some way to market and stand out on Redbubble I haven’t found it yet. Perhaps it’s based on sales; more sales, more recognition is my guess. I’ve heard that it can take some time to make passive income with Redbubble so you may have to be patient. Also, submit lots of quality work.

I don’t see an option for this but I would also like to be able to sell or at least promote the Redbubble items on my Etsy store. That would probably interfere with their agreement with Printful though. It would be nice if Redbubble had a store option similar what I set up on Etsy but I suppose you could set up something on Shopify. Here’s more about getting started with Etsy and Printful if you’re interested.

Well, anyway, now that I’m set up with Redbubble there’s more potential for passive income. Multiple revenue streams is the name of the game here.

Give it a shot and good luck, cheers!

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