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First, this free book on passive income is something that I didn’t write, I merely found it and thought I’d share.

This book will not give you any skills that you’d need to make passive income, nor will this book give you any new ideas about how to make passive income.

Why should I care about a free book on passive income then?

Well, I think it’s important to keep in mind what passive income is. Passive income generally doesn’t mean that the money is absolutely free; there’s always some cost up front.

Up front costs are usually money that you made from active income or somehow sacrificing your time or other resources. The post I made yesterday about free passive income; was it actually free? Not in the strictest terms. What you’re giving them is access to your search information. I’m guessing most of us don’t really care because we’re usually searching from something mundane and innocuous. Why should I care if anyone knows that I’m searching for today’s weather?

Back to the book at hand. While it may not be the most useful book in terms of teaching you how to make passive income, I find that it may give some ideas on ways to make money but it’s worth is in its encouragement to persist, and its reminder that if you want passive income, you will need to create something that will continue to provide value for others even when you’re not around.

So, I’m including the link to the book, The Secrets to Passive Income and I hope that you’ll take a few minutes to read it (it’s only 27 quick pages).


The first chapter talks about taking matters into your own hands to create your own assets which will pay you over time. Using your own creativity and spirit you can create intellectual property that will help you achieve financial freedom.

Chapter two covers what passive income is and lays out the two basic ways to make passive income (investing money, and investing time). Choose one path to passive income at a time and seek future diversification.

Third chapter talks about building a business and automating your way out of it and then gives some examples of ways that people have made money on the internet.

The book goes on to give some actual paths to passive income but no real details on how to get there (as so many passive income books do).

Lastly, the book talks about how you should not forget to actually enjoy your financial freedom once you’ve achieved it. I think that’s actually a good lesson for life. What’s the use of making a lot of money if you die before you get to spend it? From my perspective money should be used to enrich lives and not become the thing that enslaves us.

Happy reading, cheers.

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