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Free passive income for your internet searches? It’s not going to make a lot of money so you won’t get rich but if you save it and invest it wisely (perhaps in P2P lending) then who knows how big of a difference it will make. Every little bit of passive income adds up.

I stumbled on an article that’s actually pretty good about explaining how this can make a bit of money.

Towards the bottom they lay out a way to make three of these systems work together.


This is a browser plugin that will pay you as you search. You’ll get random appearances that’ll ask you to click on an add and get paid a few cents. There are also surveys that you can use to make a little extra money but from what I can tell they essentially pay slave wages. You’d be making about $3/hr. for taking the surveys.

Install the app and only click the adds that appear (if they appear, I haven’t seen one yet, but it’s only been a day).


Bing will actually pay you to use it. It’s not much, you’d have to make something like 260 searches for $5 gift card for a limited number of places. It will also give you extra points for doing things like quizzes so if you have zero money and lots of free time you can actually make the money a bit faster.

What to do with your gift card? First, choose wisely, pick something that you’d actually use. If it’s Burger King, use the card there and then put $5 of your own money aside (possibly in an envelope or separate account). Keep the money you make from these things separate and use them to buy something that will help you make more money. Consider this a business and use the money you make to reinvest in something that will make you more money (perhaps a $25 P2P lending note).

This one is kind of strange in that it doesn’t pay you cash. It pays you in a cryptocurrency called PRE. As of the time I’m writing this, 1 PRE is worth $0.065 cents. Presearch will give you a 25 PRE bonus on your first sign up which is $1.63. With the searches I’ve made within the last day I’m at about $1.89. With a max of 8 PRE per day from searches, you’ll only be making about $0.52 per day.

How does this fit together?

  1. You install the Qmee extension which gives you random bits of change when you happen to search on something related to what it wants to advertise.
  2. You sign up with Presearch and set your default search engine to Bing.
  3. Install the Presearch extension and make it your default search engine (the tutorial will tell you how to make Bing your default).
  4. Make sure you have a Microsoft so you can get the points.

What’s it doing?

Presearch gives you the PRE for your search and then sends you on to Bing which gives you it’s points for searching. You’re pretty much double dipping your search payments. Free passive income; not a lot but it’s better than zero.

Is free passive income worth it?

That all depends on your own perception, but think about this? If you search and make about a dollar per day from both, then you’re now making about $30 per month for doing nothing more than searching for things you would anyway.

This is probably a good way to start for anyone who doesn’t have any money since it’s all free. What I would do is save all the money made from this strategy and use it to buy P2P notes. It might not be much but over time it could make all the difference.

Bonus – Sell your computing power will pay you for your spare computer processing. Use this promotional link to sign up and you’ll get a bonus of $0.20. You install the app and let it run, that’s it. It may only make you a few dollars a month but hey, free passive income.

More apps that are willing to pay you tiny amounts of money.

If you need to know more about apps that are willing to pay you small amounts of money, here’s a link to ohmconnect for more info.


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