Passive Income From Photography

My favorite Little Caesar

Making passive income from photography doesn’t have to be hard if you’ve got some good shots. I say that but I’ve yet to make any money from it. However, after a few incidents with Shutterstock which have left a bad taste in my mouth, I’ve decided to move on to Etsy.

My first attempt with Etsy was just opening a store and adding a few images to see if there was any interest. Well, someone liked them but not enough to buy. I was only selling digital prints, and who wants to buy digital prints for anything other than advertising.

Passive Income From Photography
I also like how they show you pretty mock-ups of what it would look like on your wall.

Attempting to make passive income from photography

After a bit more research I found that Printful has partnered with Etsy. is a print on demand service. Here’s how it works. I link my Etsy store (LostWorldPhotos) to Printful and then use Printful to generate some products based on my photos. For the most part I’ve gone with framed posters and a few printed canvas items for some of my favorite photos. I even made an iPhone case from one of my pictures from Europe (I believe it was Florence but it’s possible that it’s Milan, I forget).

Overall, I found that it’s quick to get set up with Printful and linking to my Etsy store was also simple. Apparently, they’re pretty well integrated and I like how easy it is to get products set up.

I do with there was a bit more selection of things that I could put my photos on but I can’t complain too much. You’ll find the usual posters, prints, canvas, mugs, hats, towels, socks, etc. Putting images on stuff is the essence of making passive income from photography.

Passive Income from Photography
Decided to make a phone case too.

In the future I’ll most likely also try putting some of my photos on other print on demand sites. For now, though, this is a good place to start and see if there’s any interest in my photos.

If you’re interested in print on demand (perhaps you’re a photographer or graphic designer), you can try some of these:,,,, and perhaps even Merch by Amazon.

As always, I’ll report back if, when, and how this makes money.


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