Passive Income Update

passive income update

Passive Income Update History So Far

In this passive income update I’d like to start with the actions which produced the increases in passive income.

2/23/2019: Starting passive income (not including retirement accounts). PI/mo.: $13

2/28/2019: Purchased TGT: 20 Shares @ $72.35 = $1,453; current value: 1533.2; expected annual divided value: $50. New PI/mo.: $17

3/7/2019: Purchased T: 50 @ $30.92 = $1,546; now $1,533; expected annual dividend $102. Purchased XOM: 25 @ $80.18 = $2,005; now $2,004; expected annual dividend $82. Also added $1.57/mo. through P2P Lending. New PI/mo.: $34

Current Status

3/17/2019: After about a month of waiting for Google AdSense to kick-in, it finally did. I only have three days’ worth of data and it’s averaging about $10 per day (we’ll see how that goes after another month). I’ve added a Twitter account ( and now when posts are created, there are tweets to announce them. Hopefully it’s helping with traffic (It seems to; I am seeing twitter as a referrer in the site stats). So, give my three-day trend of ad revenue the projection is $308 per month of passive income from ad revenue. I’m cautiously optimistic about this number and for all I know it might just be a fluke but three days at a rate of $10 a day is still pretty good. Even if it was only $30 for the whole month, I’d call it a win. Would you call $360 a year in passive income a failure? Let alone a potential $3.6k/year?

Google AdSense has made all the difference in monetizing this blog and I hope to see it continue in the future. As it stands right now, it looks like the ad revenue from this blog is the single biggest source of passive income (as long as it continues).

Also, please don’t think that you have to write about passive income or any other kind of finance to get ad revenue. You need a site, you need access to your HTML header (to be able to use AdSense), you need some content to bring people to your site, and a few social network accounts can’t hurt.

Passive Income Summary

I’m actually kind of iffy about putting the ad revenue into the same PI/mo. bucket as the investments because of its potential variability. I also worry a bit that it’ll just stop or slow down to nothing. However, for this passive income update, I suppose this will have to do until I get enough months’ worth of data to produce a better analysis. Eh, any progress is good progress!


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