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Woot! Actual passive income ad revenue (and how-to). This is a big day, after about a month, Passive Income Quest has finally made its first passive income from ad revenue.

It took Google AdSense about a month to activate AdSense and it took me another day to get it to show Ads on the site but I’m up. My hypothesis is that it only adds ads to pages that are created after it’s been activated. I say this because as far as I can tell all the blog posts prior to yesterday have zero AdSense ads on them.

Passive income ad revenue so far: $7.69 (for two days)

passive income ad revenue bling
Woot! Let’s get fancy!

I believe that it’s partly because my wife clicked on one of the ads (but I could be wrong). Since AdSense is a pay per view advertising system, I’m pretty sure that a big chunk of the revenue is based on clicking the ad. I currently have no way of determining how many people have seen the ad and don’t know how many have clicked it. I’m hoping that between the Google Analytics, Google Console, and Google AdSense sites, I’ll be able to figure something out but until that data comes in, I’m feeling a bit blind.

It is nice to actually seem some passive income though. After about 30 blog posts, and probably 60+ hours of research and writing it’s finally starting to pay off a bit (take that wife who thinks I’m wasting my time).

Anyway, I think that I’ve determined that AdSense is the key to making money while blogging (at least in the beginning). The affiliate programs seem to pay more if people click on them but the frequency of clicks and people signing up seems to be better for sites with more traffic.

Let’s go over what I’ve done to make this passive income (in order)

passive income ad revenue

Signed up for affiliate programs

These have yet to do me any good. I’d really love it if someone would just click on one so that I have something more to write about affiliate programs.

Fiverr as far as I can tell has yet to pay out anything (since one of you seem to be hiring anyone from Fiverr). See the bottom of the post.

Amazon has yet to pay anything because nobody’s signed up for Music or Kindle Unlimited. Also, everyone seems to have ignored my recommendations to read I Will Teach you to be Rich and Thinking, Fast and Slow.

Grammarly, this seems ridiculous because I’m pretty sure that more than half of the people following this blog are bloggers. If you’re a blogger and you don’t have Grammarly, you’re missing a great tool for helping you as a writer (I’ll put the banner below for you). Seriously, you should at least get the free browser plugin.

Correct all grammar errors with Grammarly!

HostGator, I just now put their banner up but we’ll see how it goes. I do plan to move this site off WordPress someday, and when I do, it will most likely be with HostGator.

WordPress AdWords

Absolutely worthless. I believe it’s only there for accidental clicks and to give people with WordPress sites false hope.

AdWords Passive income ad revenue

Registered with Google and Bing.

For the most part, I’ve only been registered with Google for the past month but I figured, eh, sure, why not Bing too? I attempted to get signed up with AdSense at the time but it’s taken a while.

Virtual Tip Jar

Got the account set up, put the button on the blog (you’ll see it in the upper left), and now I play the waiting game… I see you checking it out. I see that a few people have clicked it out of curiosity. But…the only thing it’s really given me is something to write about. I believe I did a whole post on finding ways to receive money.

Efforts to increase traffic.

Facebook – created site, accused of being a Russian troll, account blocked (twice).

Twitter – First, rejected for being only a month old (Twitter has a strict 13-year-old plus policy) because they seem to imagine that a one month old could potentially create an account. However, my second twitter attempt was better (got the age correct), and after a couple tweets, there’s at least one follower who has actually retweeted a tweet.


Since installing the Yoast SEO plugin about 50% of my posts have been optimized which seems to have brought the position from the high 90s to the low 60s. I believe that lower is better and this has a correlation with PageRank since it Passive Income Quest is higher up in the search results. Also, I’m pretty sure that if I want to get a higher rank when people search for passive income then it needs to be the focus keyword of pretty much every post I write. I’ll be reviewing the older posts and updating them for SEO in the future.

Nobody ever told me it’s the wrong way

I’m fairly sure I went about doing all these things in the wrong order.


Register + AdSense Sign-up

If I were to do it again, the first thing I would do is get registered with Google and Bing. It’s actually pretty easy and you want to get on the radar as soon as possible. Also, if you’re planning on using AdSense, get that set up first. If you’re using WordPress, you’ll need to have plugins enabled before this is an option so you can get the Header, Footer, and Post injections plugin. Also, it could take some time for AdSense to activate. It said that it should be active in about a day but the reality is that it took almost a month. Maybe they didn’t think I had enough traffic yet, who knows?


Next, make sure you’re set up for SEO; use it from the beginning. Now I have about half the posts written that I have to go back and optimize. If you haven’t done SEO before, you’ll get lots of practice.


By this point if you’re getting some traffic and your AdSense is set up, go to the AdSense home and set up Auto Ads and add a new URL. Once this is done (assuming you’ve already put the AdSense meta in your headers) you should start seeing Ads inserted into your posts and pages.

Appeal to Social Media

Here’s where you need to start getting traffic. If you don’t already have social media accounts, get them set up and start promoting your blog.

The Hard Part

Unless you do everything in the wrong order and have to struggle with every single thing you do, like I do. I admit it, I knew nothing and I paid with the blood of frustration, the coin of uncertainty, and the arm and leg of ineptitude.

From here on out I think it’s just about providing great content. I can’t say whether my content has been “great” or not but it’s good enough for people to keep coming and as I get more content I can refine and distill it into great content. If you don’t start writing something (even if it’s bad) then how will you ever get to great?

With great content comes great passive income (probably, but first, great effort).


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