Passive Income Blogs: Top 50

This just in, Passive Income Quest is now #28 in the Top 50 Passive Income Blogs and Websites to Follow in 2019 on FeedSpot.

Somehow they got the frequency of posts wrong though. It’s not one per month but closer to one per day.

Anyway, it’s nice to be on a list of top anythings.

Perhaps I’ll take a look at some of the passive income blogs and give them a review like the previous post about Passive Income Bloggers from last month.

Quick note about some of the passive income blogs I see on the list

If you read the previous post you’ll notice that #1 on the list is one I didn’t place in high regard. I still maintain that it looks like a pyramid scheme. How did I get rich? I wrote a book about getting rich, and you can too!

Never trust this kind of thing and certainly don’t give them any money.

I actually have kind of a hard time with some of these blogs. Take Yes, there are a lot of ideas but no, not all of them are passive. I sometimes think that people don’t really understand what passive income is. One of the “ideas” on the list is making money by filling out surveys. First, it pays jack. Second, you actively have to fill out the surveys. Third, you have to be in just the right demographic for the surveys that actually pay something. For the most part, you’re just getting pennies.

Some of the other ideas on the site essentially amount to “start a business” and hire young people to do the work for you. Ok, but you’ll have to do the accounting, the material purchases, marketing, etc. So what if the manual labor is done by kids. The actual hard part of the business has to be done by you unless you hire it out but that really cuts into your profits and you now have to trust that someone is managing it properly.

Anyway, a lot of these are regurgitating the same passive income schemes and I find that part of the time I’m just reviewing these other passive income sites to debunk them.

Remember, passive income isn’t easy but it should continue even after you stop working hard.

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