Quick Passive Income Update

This quick passive income update is in fact going to be quick.

Investments increase: $16.90

As I indicated in the last post on my passive income increase, I did buy some additional stock. I bought AT&T and Exxon Mobil specifically for their dividend yields. The dividends alone (assuming they stay where they are) increase monthly passive income by about $15 per month ($184 annually).

My two P2P lending (LendingClub) note orders also went through which increase my passive income by $1.57 per month. Not a lot but it’s not bad for a $50 investment.

The total increase of this update is $16.90, bringing the total monthly passive income up to about $34 per month ($409 annually).

Other streams of revenue: $0

  • Ad revenue from blog: $0
  • Affiliate revenue from blog: $0
  • Photo royalties from ShutterStock: $0

If you’ve been reading the blog you may have seen that I’ve increased my cashback rewards by getting a better credit card. An increase in passive income via credit card rewards is not currently figured into my passive income. I’m not sure if I should include it here or use the rewards to purchase assets which increase passive income. More on this topic in the future.


The blog itself is not really making any money you as you can see but it’s not the only way to make some passive income online. I’ve decided to spend less time writing on the blog while I spend time working on a niche site to help drive advertising and affiliate income.

More on that when it comes together.


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