Side Gigs, Lesser Known Type

Once again, I’m on the hunt for additional ways (side gigs) to make extra active income to buy passive income assets. If you want to get out of the rat race, you need to make enough in passive income to live. So far, the easiest passive income I’m getting is coming from investments.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still exploring other avenues but for now, P2P lending and dividend stocks are my best performers.

Let’s look at some additional means of making some extra cash.

Local tour guide side gigs

Become a tour guide in your own city. Vayable customers expect a certain experience, whether it’s wine tasting, antiquing, taking a tour of the local natural beauties, or just getting to know the good places to eat. The prices are set for each experience as far as I can tell and seem to have set durations. People can book your services when you’re available so you can make money on your time.

This one looks similar to vayable but there are a number of people who do it for free. It also looks a bit more relaxed than Vayable. If you’re just looking to hang out with some people from out of town and aren’t too worried about how much money you’re going to make this may be a good option for you as a side gig.

I feel like this one would be good if you wanted to make a little money while exploring a new city. Essentially, you’re on the move, preferably in a densely populated area. With the app, you’re able to see what side gigs are available to take. They could range from small things to several-hour long gigs. The pay scale per gig could be somewhere in the $3-$100 range. I like this idea for cities I’d be visiting on vacation. I tend to do a lot of walking and wandering around major metropolitan cities and having an app lead me into places I may not go on my own may lead to some interesting times. Some of the best experiences I’ve had traveling have been by making a wrong turn or wandering into someplace I wasn’t trying to go.

Freelance headhunting side gigs

Do you know a lot of healthcare professionals? I don’t but if you somehow do, perhaps you could help them find work. Relode agents are essentially healthcare employee recruiters. You connect healthcare professionals to healthcare employers and get paid a finder’s fee. How much? According to, Relode agents make an average of $54,774 per year. If I was a very social person that networked a lot, I’d just keep this as a back-pocket kind of a thing in case I met someone who was looking for a job. Just about anyone could be looking for a new job if the terms are right.

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