Pace yourself when blogging

I’ve been writing fairly long posts since this endeavor began. Not only posting lengthy posts but also posting daily or more often. That’s 27 posts in 21 days. I’ve recently looked at some other passive income blogs and found that most of them only post once a week or less. Fine, I’m going to slow down a bit and if you’re like me, you should pace yourself when blogging too.

Site Analytics

Even with all the posts, traffic is fairly low and my efforts to raise it apparently aren’t working very well (if you are reading it and would like this blog to continue on, help out by spreading the word). I’ve been watching the site’s analytics and I see that over the past week the average time that people spend on the site has been going up and the bounce rate (people viewing one thing and then leaving) is going down. It also looks like there are a small group of people who return so that’s a good indication that at least something is going right. Also, the page rank seems to be going up. A search on “Passive Income Quest” has gone from page 11 to page 3; not too shabby.

As I said though, I’m going to slow it down to possibly only one post every other day. Now that I’ve got some experience with all the things that can go wrong and what’s actually working, I hope to compile some of the previous posts into something more useful. I also intend to explore other options and report back on how they’re working. Pace yourself when blogging to reflect on where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Pace yourself when blogging ain’t easy (if you’re me)

I actually have a fairly hard time slowing down, have a hard time just sitting down to watch TV, and have a hard time standing around for no good reason. I’ve been told that I’m hard to vacation with because I go too fast. Overall I’m one of those high powered mutants never meant for mass production; I suppose it runs in the paternal side of my family.

Anyway, slowing down does not mean stopping and as they say, slow and steady wins the race. Sometimes people need a break too, if you’re thinking that blogging is easy, just read my rant about starting a blog.

Pace yourself when blogging to reflect on what you’ve written and what you intend to write later. Let the creative juices simmer and flow.

Read more to pace yourself when blogging

Not something I would have thought to research until it dawned on me that it’s a good idea to slow down but once I did, I quickly found that other people have come to the same conclusion. There’s even a post on slowing down over at Problogger; Mastering the Art of Slow Blogging.

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