Using Facebook to Promote a Blog

I’m fairly social network resistant so this is somewhat strange to me but here I go. You heard me right, I’m going to be using Facebook to promote a blog (specifically this blog).

I decided to get a Facebook page for Passive Income Quest. There are a lot of people on Facebook and there’s a feed. So as things get posted and people start sharing there’s a good chance that at least some of the people will be interested in passive income. Perhaps they’re even share their stories.

First, the screwup

At first, I tried to make a business page using my own account but then I realized that it had my real name on it and I wasn’t sure who would be able to see it. Therefore, I did what any middle-aged person not accustomed to social media would do…I panicked (in a mild kind of way). I tried to see if I could remove my name but the only thing that came to mind was to create a new account with a different email address and then transfer admin rights over. New FB account, done. Transfer the admin role over to the new persona, done. I then opened GIMP and proceeded to make a nice image for the top of the page.

When I got back to Facebook, I found that they had flagged me for suspicious activity. Seriously, all the fake accounts spreading fake news that they can’t catch but I’m the sketchy one? OK, fine, I admit that it was sketchy. It looked like I created an account to steal a business’s page, how were they to know I was stealing it from myself.


I waiting a couple days and then tried to get in again. They had investigated and decided to lock me out. Fine. This time I created a new account, and then created the business page, no transferring. I’m just the guy with a fake name who happens to be promoting a real website. Is it going to take this time? Looks like it might, it’s been 30 minutes and they haven’t determined that I’m stealing a business.

Now, as a new business on Facebook, I have no friends to speak of. Here’s where you come in; if you like the blog and have a Facebook account just search for Passive Income Quest and click follow.

Oh, hey, I’ve got a notification – just spend $30 dollars for Facebook to promote the new page. I don’t think I’m ready to spend $30 to promote the page just yet. Let’s see how the organic traffic comes in.

Finally, I’m set up. I headed back to WordPress to configure the sharing options for the blog. Oddly enough, this has been one of the easier things I’ve done; just click the Connect button next to Facebook and log in to Facebook. Accept the options it’s giving me and the blog posts should start feeding to Facebook.

I’m calling this a win. From the ashes of my first attempt (and short lived second), the Passive Income Quest page has risen.

I’m just hoping that they don’t see this post and decide go kill my account.

Joke’s on me

After only two or three days they once again flagged me for suspicious activity and locked me out. Well, fine, to hell with Facebook. I never liked Facebook anyway. Or it could be that because I’ve spent virtually no time on face book; I simply have no idea how to not get flagged. You win this round Facebook…though I can’t imagine what you’ve gained.

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