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So, here we are, searching for passive income bloggers. While roaming the dusty google highway looking for signs of life from others on the same quest who may have nuggets of thorough disappointments and grains of success, I decided to click some of the links offered to me.

First stop, No Leg Bones.

First passive income blogger. This appears to be a short adventure into passive income by way of graphic design sales on redbubble, Etsy, and Merch by Amazon. I’ll work on coverage of these later (or perhaps before, there is no time continuum in blogging until you see the posts). This was as a short quest; looks like two posts per month for four months. Not much in terms of how-to info but there were some details on her progress in the end. Passive income around the $65 range and some food for thought about using redbubble and Etsy and about a long application wait-time for Merch by Amazon.

It’s PARDI Time

Second passive income blogger. This apparently stands for Passive Automated Renewable Diversified Income. It’s just a single article but the interesting thing about this is that it seems that he’s hired a full-time virtual assistant and as far as I can tell, she’ll be the one doing the work for him. No activity since 2012.

Quest for $47

Third passive income blogger…interesting. This almost seems to be a motivational site for people who would like to earn some passive income. There are motivational quotes, book recommendations, monthly status, and a few good ideas. It looks like she puts out a post every few days but it’s not really the down in the dirt details that I’m looking for and seems like it’s at least partially about promoting her other site. What’s the 47 about? I’m seeing lots posts related to lists of the length 47 but the answer is that her goal for passive income is $47 per day of passive income. This is roughly $1400 per month, not a bad goal.

Smart Passive Income

This is actually the first one that comes up and I immediately hate it. Absolute trash! Why? It looks like an advertisement for a get rich scheme. There’s no getting rich instantly and it looks like he’s selling some kind of dream that within a year you’ll be rich and ready to retire. The only person getting rich on this is the guy with the shit-eating grin on the cover. I’d never trust this site and I’d never give this guy money. If something looks to good to be true, it’s not.

Number 2 on google, SmartBlogger

“You have to wonder, though… is all this Internet stuff real, or is it just a scam? And if it is real, why isn’t everyone doing it?” Absolutely. Why doesn’t it work for everyone? It’s actually kind of hard. The easiest way to increase passive income is to invest. The hard part is getting the money to invest in the first place.

This is just one article but I think it lays it out pretty well, if you’re not willing to put in the hard work to make passive income work, just give up now and save yourself some years of hard work.

However, there are some good bits of information down in the comments. Such as, the one that says the best way for making passive income while blogging is Cost per Action (CPA). I’m fully planning on investigating and reporting on how to get in on CPA.

Dumb Passive Income

Skip it unless you’re just interested on clicking affiliate and advertising links. The site doesn’t include the details. More underpants gnomes’ advice. Just do these simple things (which are actually pretty complicated and involve a lot of work) and then, bam! You’re rich!

But, hey, maybe I didn’t dig that deep, maybe there are nuggets there.


I think that there’s a group of people out there that like the idea of passive income. However, I don’t know that there are many out there that are willing to share all the tough, gritty, difficult, unpleasant details concerning how to actually make it work. Not that I’m trying to scare people off, but I’m also not trying to dip it in liquid molten sugar for you.

It also feels like it’s the quest for El Dorado, the Holy Grail, or the Fountain of Youth and the others on the quest have fallen by the wayside. Inflated by the dreams sold by those like “Smart Passive Income” and then crushed by the reality that it’s hard work and nobody’s who’s done it is really telling you the story of what they did that actually got them there. How’d they overcome all the little crap obstacles that get in your way every step of the journey. Not that they don’t want to or that they’re keeping secrets, I think that they just forget because they didn’t document the journey. Well, hopefully you’ll get something out of my difficulties and what I’m doing to overcome them.

passive income holy grail

At some point I’ll get around to researching more about what people are doing and what kind of actual information they’re putting out (I think the true details are hidden deeper than the first three pages of a google search).


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