The Dry Mechanics of Building a Blog that Works

This post is just about the journey and how I’m doing with it. First, I didn’t expect this to be easy, nothing worthwhile ever is, however, it’s like a non-stop WTF ride.


Where’d I get traffic? Sweet, people are reading this. More to do with upgrading the site. Great, more readers. More writing! More readers. Gotta figure out these plugins, gotta figure out how to use the site, gotta figure out affiliate programs, gotta figure out AdSense, gotta get the site registered, and on and on. More stories…Hey, where’d the traffic go? Gotta figure out SEO! Gotta mess with the HTML headers.

Seriously, it goes on and on. Is there a guide that actually helps put all this in some kind of order that makes sense? Not that I’ve found. Research, write, research, write.

Got a full-time job too? No problem, keep writing.

Ok, I can’t complain too much because the actual writing isn’t what’s getting to me. It’s more or less the fragmented path that this seems to be taking. And actually, I can’t say that even that’s bugging me too much. I feel like I’ll get there in the end and then I can take on the project of analyzing what’s been done and synthesizing it into something useful for others in the future.

mandatory pause

I feel like I’m making progress each day, even if it’s not that much. I also feel like I’m learning why there are so many guides, papers, books, etc. about what people need to do to go about making money through passive income on the internet and why so few who buy the books and pay for the courses rarely actually make anything work. (Yeah, I know it’s a long sentence.)

Also, this is a lot of writing, it’s been about 30 pages in less than two weeks. Some days I find that my fingers are actually a little bit sore (seriously, who types so much their fingers get sore?). I actually kind of feel like I need a bit of a break but I’m somewhat worried that breaking the momentum on something like this would make the whole project a bit more difficult.

Wait, WordPress is becoming a hinderance to this project. Ok, gotta look into other avenues of keeping the blog aspect of this afloat.

Adding images to the main homepage for each article written? Sure, let me just fire up GIMP and start producing those too.


Alright, enough ranting. Here’s what I’ve learned about the process so far:

Basic Skills for Blogging: Writing, writing interesting content

Recommended Skills: HTML/CSS, Graphic Design, Marketing, Photography

Knowledge: Choose your subject, you don’t really have to be an expert and I’m sure you’ll learn a lot along the way.

What you need to understand:

  • It’s going to take a lot longer than you think.
  • Getting a site is just the beginning.
  • If you’re missing some of the more technical skills, find a friend or freelancer who can help you.

How to prepare if you haven’t started already:

  • Consider your hosting options up front. Investigate your desired affiliates before day one.
  • Get some of your infrastructure done before you begin publishing. Choose your theme, choose your content niche, get set up with social media sites, get your various accounts in order.
  • If you’re using WordPress and have plugins available to you, get the Yoast SEO plugin and the Header, Footer, and Post Injections. You’ll need the injector for AdSense and Analytics. The SEO you’ll want to use from the beginning if you can when you’re preparing your posts.
  • Stockpile a number of posts before day one. Just have a few posts ready for those times you may not have enough time to produce something new.
  • Don’t even bother with WordAds – just skip it – I saw no worthwhile activity.
  • Prepare, prepare, prepare.

If you have started already take a look at some of what I’ve already done and see if it can help you. If it doesn’t, send me a note and I’ll see what I can do to help. If you’re having trouble then either I’m about to or I’m I don’t even know enough to know I’m in trouble.

What’s next for the blog?

  • Mastering some organization of the posts into their appropriate pages
  • Getting more engaged with social media like Facebook
  • Driving more traffic
  • Getting the Amazon plugin up and running

What’s next for the site?

  • Investing in a dividend yielding stock
  • Purchasing interest bearing notes

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