Getting started with Google AdSense

This blog is now set up with WordAds which is why you’re seeing ads at all. However, as far as I can tell, it’s useless. I see that the ads are getting some clicks (so glad that they apply to some of you) but it’s not really doing anything for me as a blogger and questor for passive income.

This is where Google AdSense comes in. I’m going to attempt to get set up with AdSense to get some revenue via what’s called, PCP, nope, CPC. That stands for Cost-Per-Click which means that anytime someone clicks on it I get paid. Hopefully we’ll successfully get this set up and I can pass that knowledge on to you so that you can also attempt to get paid.

Let’s get started.

First, get an AdSense account. I thought I already had one from many years ago but it turns out that I was dead wrong. However, it’s not terribly difficult. Info you’ll need: your website address, your email address, and the ability to click save and continue. Ok, apparently that was super easy, just pick a country and accept their terms (like you have a choice).

Verify your address…

Ok, what? I’m suddenly getting instructions to dabble with my site’s HTML. Reading more…

Panic averted, there’s a link below the instructions which is for WordPress users, Get help with adding AdSense code. There’s also a box to uncheck incase you have European visitors, something about compliance. Seems official and I know that some of you are in Europe so I uncheck the box. I’ll look into it more later if I need to.

Header Insertion

The code that Google AdSense provides is HTML that needs to go into the header of each of your web pages. If you manage your own HTML for your site, this won’t be a problem at all, just copy what Google gives you and paste into your <header>somewhere here</header>. That should do it for you. However, if you’re hosted by WordPress then you need to get a plugin that will allow you to insert the code into the header. The Header, Footer, and Post Injections plugin seems to work just fine (five-star rating).


Once the HTML has been injected (pulls needle out of header), you can return to Google AdSense and click that you’re done. It’ll then verify that the code is in your header and you’re all set. When Google’s done activating, you’re account you’ll be notified (should take less than a day it says). Once you’re activated, you’ll need to return to pick what types of ads you’ll want shown.

So much better than WordAds. I’m fairly insulted that it’s even an option and I’d better be able to disable it once AdSense kicks in.

If all goes well this will help with advertising revenue and depending on the traffic, affect passive income. I feel like this is the real first step in getting some actual ad revenue. Just to reiterate, WordAds from WordPress is absolute crap.

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