Virtual Tip Jars & P2P Payments

The number of sites, books, articles, and overall content related to passive income is astounding and I’m here wading through it so you don’t have to. As we say around our house, you’re welcome.

Today’s topic, virtual tip jars and peer to peer payments. Let’s start with the ones I’m aware of.

P2P Payment Options


Owned by PayPal. Hilarious. I was just reading an article on Wired about why you should stop using this. The article included a link to a site called vicemo where you can see the public transactions related to drugs, booze, and sex on Venmo. “Cheesies and 1000 pounds of christal [sic] meth,“ “pee pee pills,” “Drug deal as usual,” and one of my favorites, “pho van lunch and crack coffee.” Have you had the Vietnamese iced coffees with that condensed milk at the bottom? With that slow drip, it’s probably just as strong as actual crack. Anyway, I’ve never used Venmo but it’s out there if that’s your thing.

Cash App (mobile app), formerly Square Cash

I hear that this is what all the kids are using these days. It’s faster than Venmo and has better privacy (like not broadcasting to the world what you’re paying for). What makes it substantially different though is that it’ll allow you to choose to take your funds in the form of bitcoin (or cash still) and even has a debit card associated with your account. If you’re looking to break into the bitcoin game; this may be for you.


I did not know about this one until today but you can bet it’ll be an up-and-comer. BofA, JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo have banded together to compete with P2P payment services like Venmo and Cash App. That’s really about all I know about Zelle other than its main feature is that its transfers happen within minutes. These instant transactions are free where you’d have to pay $0.25 per transaction to get that kind of speed using Venmo. You can be sure that the big banks will be pushing this to the American public as hard as they can. Big corporations hate it when new technology comes in and little startups start eating their lunch.

Virtual Tip Jars

Free but needs a little set up time. Not a lot of time but they only give you two options for payout so you’ve got to pick one which isn’t your bank. Since Buymeacoffee is not a financial institution they partner with others. What this means is that you’ll have to set up your BMC account and then set up another account with some online banks I’ve never heard of before. They look fine however and have better authentication than a lot of banks. We’ll see how it goes.

Now that I have a button to allow me to accept tips, I can add it to my page (I think). Except, holy crap, that’s a big chunk of HTML that I somehow need to get into my website.

Buy Me A Coffee

Ok, so, there it is.

Oddly enough I think I should have chosen this one over I still might change but I’m just no up for it now because I think I just realized something (we’ll see) that I may need to discuss later. Anyway, Ko-fi looks nicer. I’m not sure about their setup and payment methods but it just looks more professional. If you’ve tried it, leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Sell your subscription

This is for subscription. If your work is something that you want people to subscribe to then this is probably the way you want to go. Minimum subscription is $1 and Patreon takes a 5% fee. Consider reading this article on Medium to see the potential downside of Patreon. This one feels more like it’s set up for artists that need recurring support.

So, keep in mind that I’ve made no money on this blogging endeavor and consider using the button above to buy me a coffee.

Thanks everyone.

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