Passive Income Status Update

Affiliate Roll-Call – $0.00

Amazon Affiliate program – 25 clicks and no purchases. I’m currently only promoting Thinking, Fast, and Slow and I Will Teach You To Be Rich (those are the only two I’m actively including in posts at the moment). I should probably get some banners on the site so they’re always there and I don’t have to include them in posts.

CJ Affiliate – No news yet on whether or not my desired partner has accepted me. Will she say yes? Stay tuned to find out.

Clickbank – No action here. Sure, I only set it up and posted a link for all you who’re interested in owning your own after-hours business custodial business but I’m still hopeful.

Shareasale – still waiting on them to get my account set up.

Value Investments – $3.11/mo

Proctor & Gamble – 13 shares; yield – 2.87%; last quarterly payment (2/15/2019) – $9.32

P2P Notes – $9.89/mo

Portfolio A – The last note in the five-year-old portfolio is set to close 3/15/2019 and return my last $0.59.

Portfolio B – My oldest and most up-to-date portfolio is paying $9.30 per month. My $50 transfer will arrive 2/22/2019 and will be immediately invested. Nope, my funds have arrived but it takes a week for them to be available for investment. Next update after notes are issued. Depending on the interest rates and the term of the loans I expect this $50 to increase my monthly return by $0.76 to $1.29 per month (based on the notes in the interest rate range I’m looking at.

Blog Activity – 52 followers, 116 likes, 7 countries

Best day so far – Views, visits, likes, and new followers are at an all time high; effectively doubling the previous day’s best. Where the readers are: US, UK, Russia, Bulgaria, Australia, China, and India. Again, thank you all for coming.

Advertising – $0.00

I just discovered WordAds in the blog settings and I activated it a couple days ago. The first day it looks like they were getting some clicks but not generating any revenue. I’m also not satisfied with the ads I’m seeing. They look more like clickbait than something anyone would actually click. Are they related to blogging? Related to finance? No, most of the time I can’t tell what they’re even about.

Still getting some clicks but still at $0.00 in revenue.

Current PI: $13/mo

How much passive income did we really expect to generate the first week? Realistically I think this is on track. Though no actual revenue was generated, what was generated was some interest.

I’m somewhat skeptical of WordPress’s ability accurately provide some pieces of data but it looks like somewhere around 80% of the people who read the posts decide to follow the blog. I’m not sure what an average reader to follower ratio would look like but I think that’s pretty good.

The one issue with the followers though is that I know they’re getting the posts through email but have no idea if they’re reading them.

Also, though there’s no revenue, I am seeing a steady increase in traffic so if this keeps up I think we’re in good shape. The ads are getting clicked so at some point I think this will turn into revenue (I’m looking at you Google AdSense).

In conclusion, there’s more to do, there’s more to write about, and I’ll have more for you to read.

Upcoming topics: Getting down under the blog’s hood, Google AdSense, Google Analytics, and What’s so sexy about SEO?

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