Instant eCommerce for Your Pleasure

I’m just going to share this because I’m somewhat fascinated by this.

eCommerce Site for Sale

In my search for more passive income I found this site called Flippa. What does Flippa do? They buy and sell websites; blogs, eCommerce sites, etc. You could even buy the rights and source code for mobile apps.

I’m not sharing this to promote the website but I saw this add and thought, “why would someone sell something that’s making such a good profit?” Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it is.

So, I started looking at the revenue and profit, etc. and what stood out is that this site (even though the domain is supposed to be about 13 years old) is only about a week old.

They’ve set up the site and it’s all ready to go. Website, domain, suppliers with dropship capabilities, and a store on Shopify.

What could go wrong?

You’re now responsible for running a business you didn’t build. You have to find an add new products, you have to handle the marketing, you have to handle all the things that will make this website really successful. Will it work? That all depends on you. If that’s the job that you want to have then this could be the perfect opportunity. If you just want a website that makes you money, certainly stay away from this unless you’re planning on hiring someone to run it.

Just thought I’d pass this on. If you do buy something from Flippa, please let me know, I’d love to have you as a guest blogger.

However, I am interested in their model so I plan to investigate how they’re going about using drop shipping to set up easy eCommerce sites.


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