Upgrading!! New Blogger and New Domain!

On our quest for Passive Income we’re constantly looking for upgrades for what we’re doing.

New blogger!

First, is our guest blogger. I’ve known him as a friend for a long time since we worked together many years ago. If I remember correctly, he has degrees in business, economics, and international diplomacy. I’m probably wrong so he’ll have to correct me. Anyway, he should be joining within the next day or two and should be preparing his first post. Please welcome him by taking some time to see what he’s writing.

New domain! What good would a quest be without a domain in which to pursue it?

Through WordPress we’re going to use a domain PI-Quest.net. If you’ve bookmarked this blog, please update your shortcut/favorite. Why switch? It’s much easier to remember than nopefun.wordpress.something. I’ve already forgotten how it ended and I’m not sure that address even works now. But hey! No looking back! We’re marching forward to a more economically viable blog. The other reason is that I’m trying to get our domain verified with google so that there’s a possibility that we may show up in a google search.

Yup, I just searched and confirmed that there’s no way anyone would have found this site using google. Not even putting in the address directly.

How am I going about getting registered with google? Using this helpful WordPress article, Verifying Your Domain with Google.

I think the instruction image is slightly outdated but what we’re looking for is Other Verification by Domain Name Provider.

This is what you’ll see instead of what’s in the WordPress Instructions. Domain name provider is at the bottom.

Then select Other. It’ll then give you a long string of text and the rest of the steps you’ll find in Verifying Your Domain with Google are perfectly accurate except for the one where you add the name of your site (between TXT and pasting your long google text). That one’s optional and I just left it blank. Now, within 72 hours, pi-quest.net will be registered with google.

Now that we’re registered, I believe there will be more access to pi-quest.net stats that I’ll have access to so if you’re a data junkie like I am you should probably put this on your to-do list.

UPDATE: using the method that WordPress gives you is crap. If you have plugins enabled then use the Header HTML inserter to just put the meta tag that Google gives you into the header of the homepage. Instantly verified. The fact that WordPress locks down your header HTML (which is something you really need access to to make money with your site) is unbearable.

Oh, and I thought I should probably check the old address. Nopefun.wordpress.com will redirect to pi-quest.net so if you’re concerned about upgrading your own domain, don’t be.

If you’re interested in the evolution of this website check day x-2 for info on the last upgrades.

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