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For those of you who read posts on the first few days, you might understand that I’m a data analyst. That’s my profession. It’s only a week so I’m working with a small dataset of view/like/follow data but I have a python machine learning algorithm that I’m considering using on the article titles and user interest statistics. However, before I do that, I’d just like to get some feedback. Seeing as how I haven’t received even a single comment on any of the posts I’ve written so far, I’d like to hear what you think before running it. I suspect that it may give me some insight that will help me understand the outcome of the algorithm.

If you can be bothered at all, please let me know what you think. Given that there are only about 50 followers after the first week you can assume that I certainly have time to read each and every comment that’s made.

And since this is a young blog, I’d love to hear your feedback. I’m eager to understand what it is that you like, why you clicked the follow button, and why you keep coming back.

I’m not merely doing this for myself but also for you, the reader, let’s call you, Pat, since it’s fairly androgynous. Pat, let’s hear what you have to say. Be the other end of this conversation. How’s my writing style? Unpalatable? Absurdly comical? Dreadfully dry? What’s your favorite topic? Blogging? My misadventures at making this make money? My insightfulness at the conservative ways of making money through investing? Waiting to hear my analysis related to the stocks I intend to purchase?

Let’s hear it. For those of you in India, I have a 1,000-rupee bill that has nothing to do with you (though I’m a fan of Gandhiji’s perspectives) and for those in Bulgaria I love that your capital is named Sofia which translates to wisdom as I understand it. Australians, no worries, I just love the accent. Russia, St. Basil’s cathedral is fantastic, I’d love to be able to visit someday. UK, I don’t see what the problem is with the black pudding, I enjoyed the full English each day I was there (though I’m not a fan of the tomato).

America, let’s be honest, I didn’t mention you up front because we’re all in this together. I’ve lived in the north, south, east, and west. It’s not the people who don’t get along. We actually get along pretty well until we bring ideology into it. How about we just keep that to ourselves like the Swedish do? When I was there a distant relative (unfortunately now deceased) said that they treat their religion and their politics with the same confidentiality, meaning that as it is rude to speak of religion just as it is also rude to speak of politics.

Back to the point at hand. Raise you voices in the form of keyboard strokes and let your perspectives on what I’m doing be known. I assure you that I’m old enough to to have nearly the thickest of skins and I’m also sensible enough to moderate the feedback (as I am able) to protect your viewpoints on the subjects of this blog. However, if you go off on a transcendental rant, I may be likely to subtly remove your feedback. Please be honest and forthright and on topic.

Let’s hear it and for those of you that may have less than perfect English, I’d like to hear what you have to say too.

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