Blogging for dollars

Here comes the meta; blogging for passive income! This is now a blog blogging about blogging for passive income.

Before anyone calls me out, I’m homogeneously unqualified to be writing on this subject. Yet, here we are. Since I’m new to this I’m doing what anyone else would do, I’m googling it.

Five Step Blog Program

Here’s what I found, a five-step program stolen from

  1. Set up your blog
  2. Start creating useful content
  3. Get off your blog and start finding readers
  4. Build engagement with the readers that come
  5. Start making money from the readership you have through one or more of a variety of income streams

This blog’s current status:

Step one, check.

Step two, you’re going to have to be the judge of that but given the view to followers ration I’m seeing it looks like people are interested.

Step three, I’m not sure how any of you even found the blog but I’m still investigating ways to find more readers. My loyal (there dear, I gave you your requested adjective) wife decided she’d like to share with her friend who apparently spends some time on social media. My supportive wife is eager to help increase readership. I’m also open to suggestions, please, if you have a good strategy, share with us.

Step four, I’m not sure how to do this. Perhaps this happens naturally once you reach critical mass.

Step five, I kind of feel like this was written by the underpants gnomes.

Monetizing your blog

Anyway, it does go on to give a few ways to monetize blogs. Here we go:

The basic blog ways of blogging for passive income

  • Advertising income – no details but I’ll look into it and we’ll see how to make this work.
  • Affiliate income – I covered the basics on how to get set up as an Amazon affiliate and we may revisit this in a few ways. If/when it produces some money, I’ll share what that looks like and how often it is. After that, I’ll do some research and we’ll continue the journey on how we can go about improving that revenue stream. See more about affiliates in this post.

The other ways of blogging for passive income

  • Events? That’s what it says but I’m not setting up any events anytime soon. Maybe this one is for blogs centered around group activities.
  • Charging for access to the blog – I suppose I could see this working if you have a blog that contains particularly valuable content. I could see this if you have more than a book’s worth of content on the blog. I think this blog’s probably about 10-15 pages worth of writing; not seeing this as a viable structure for this blog anytime soon.
  • Services – I’m thinking this could be related to preparing online courses to help teach people based on the content of your blog.
  • Products – do you have a logo that people would want to show off? I’m not prepared to sell anything with this site but if that changes, I’m going to write about how I’m doing it.
  • Donations? I will gladly accept your donations. If anyone finds value in what I’m writing and would like to send me money to say thanks, let me know and I’ll set up a way to receive it. Perhaps I should put a tip jar icon on the blog and people can throw me the occasional quarter or dollar if they like what they read.

But I digress…

Ok, back to the main point, this is just one method of generating passive income. I’m not suggesting that you all go out and start blogging but I do intend to make blogging a part of my passive income plan. I’m also not entirely sure that I’d consider a blog passive income. I think it could be if you set everything up and then hired bloggers to write for you.


You’d better love to write. I have just over a week of posts now and before I finish this sentence, I’ll have written just over 7,000 words. In school I never wrote anything as long as 18 pages (non-double spaced) If these were unique words it would represent just over 1% of the English language. Have you seen an unabridged dictionary? They’re huge. If you don’t like to write then you should probably consider one of the other passive income options. This also takes an incredible amount of time; not just for writing but also researching to figure out what I’m doing and make sure I’m not leading you down the wrong path.

Next Lesson/Failure:

Learn from me, check to see if your blog name is already something in existence. I did not do this and that’s why the name of the blog has changed to “Passive Income, the Hard Way.”

PIP! That’s what we’re gonna make, a passive income plan. I’m coining the phrase. It’s mine now and I demand royalties if you use it. 😊

Next Topic: The various ways that a person could generate passive income and beginning to formulate a PIP.

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