Interrogating affiliate programs

I’ve been reading and researching how people use affiliate programs/networks and I’ve decided to try some of the recommended affiliates.

First on the list because it was the first of two in the sentence I was reading. First impression: they’ll let anybody in. Anybody but me; so far. I signed up and now I’m waiting for my application review. I don’t know if they’re checking the blog or what but they say it could take up to a day or two. Why so long? Because I don’t have an email that ends with the domain of my blog.

Second in the sentence. At first blush, this is a nicer website than Shareasale. Everything with the signup seems pretty normal until you get to the terms and conditions. You can’t go until you click on terms and conditions. But wait, you can’t click on terms and conditions to open it in a new browser (middle button click), you have to specifically left click. Ok, fine, left click, I accept. But wait, was that the difficult part? Nope, now you have a very specific password to create and remember, at least two upper case letters, at least two lower case letters, at least two numbers, and at least two special characters. It was two sentences ago and I’ve already forgotten it. I actually had to use two of my passwords modified and stuck together. Oh, and also spelled correctly. Nobody’ll ever crack my 20 character password for an affiliate site; so unnecessary. Ok, I’m in; quick and easy email validation.

Now that I’m in it looks like Clickbank is very keen on helping me but I’ve got to log into pretty much everything I click on.

So difficult! Ok, after clicking all over through their super helpful links I finally found my way to the marketplace. There’s a lot of stuff here; like Amazon’s it’s kind of overwhelming and I’m feeling like I’m running out of time this evening. After taking a few quick looks I finally found something it looks like I can promote. I also bookmarked the marketplace because I’m somewhat afraid I’ll never find it again.

Start Office Cleaning Business Part-time
How To Make $54,000 Part-time In Your Own Office Cleaning Business! (earn 60%) Tells How To Start Office Cleaning With Little Or No Money. Proven Original #1 Start Up Kit Is Updated And Revised.

I chose this one because I had a great uncle that did this. As far as I know, this is all he’d ever done. He had his cleaning van, went out at night after the local businesses closed and cleaned their offices. He didn’t get rich but he had a decent paying job for all his life. If he’d have been better at business, he could have hired some employees and really had something but I never got the feeling that he was too ambitious. So, click the link above and buy the kit.

This is what I saw and selected in the marketplace.

So, a bit complicated at first but I think it’ll be easy enough once I get used to it.

Junction by CJ Affiliate.

This is the last I’ll attempt with this post but it looks far more professional than the Shareasale and Clickbank (I have to keep checking the name because I keep thinking it’s clickbate). First thing’s first, find the signup; I actually lost it because the website background is professional people walking around I don’t see anything that says signup. You’re welcome for the link. This one refers to you as a Publisher, very fancy. Also, smart, the first thing it does is make you verify your email instead of that being the last step with the others.

Alright, CJ’s serious. Very professional; the publisher dashboard is the nicest so far.

The product I want to promote (because I believe many of the few followers of this site could really use it). I’ve used it in the past and it’s fantastic. However, I’m now in a waiting list to see if they’ll accept me as an affiliate. Apparently, they don’t just take anybody. Hopefully they see that I was specifically looking to promote them and accept me. If not, I’ll probably just recommend them anyway because they’re that good.

Terms and conditions. I don’t normally read these because you don’t actually have a choice but in the cases of the aforementioned affiliates, I did. All pretty standard and as long as you’re not terribly shady I don’t think you should have any problems. Some people would refer to these as common-sense things but I’m pretty sure that common sense is neither common nor sense.

Ok, it’s been a fast and furious adventure through the maze of affiliate networks and I’ve got to stop now. If you’ve found these sites interesting give them a shot. If you’re one of the bloggers who’s following me, I hope they help.

My rankings for these three would be CJ first (though I hope I’m enough to be accepted), then Clickbank (once I figured out how to get to the market place it looked a lot better), and finally Shareasale because they’re making me wait.

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