Getting some traffic

Going to need some traffic for this blog to actually help anyone at all. In an effort to drive traffic to the site, whether it’s an error or not, I’m going to include a story I wrote a while back. It’s a tale of adventure in my grandfather’s garage when I was around six or seven years old. It was one of my favorite places to play but somewhere I was surely not supposed to be. Look for it 2/18/2019.

It’s like walking into a store because of something cool in the window and then discovering that you’re actually in a bank. Some people may be excited, some may be bored. Update: turns out that nobody cared to read the short story, just stick to the blog’s main fare. It did nothing for getting some traffic.

Aside from that decision I’ve been looking for ways to get the word out about this blog. I’ve done some exploring on Reddit, I’ve read some articles about driving traffic, and I’ve even considered (briefly) inviting people I know to take a look and provide feedback. I hesitate on inviting people I know or revealing my identity though because I do intend to provide details on how I’m going about generating more passive income and details on my personal progress. Who could begrudge me a bit of anonymity?

After four days

I’ve set a few things in motion.

  • Started a blog to increase my online presence and a project that will hopefully lead to a future revenue stream.
  • Scheduled a transfer to increase future passive income via P2P lending.
  • Analyzed a few potential stock purchases which will provide future passive income.
  • Investigated ways to improve traffic to the blog, hopefully increasing its earning potential.

Upon checking my email this morning, I was shocked to see that there are people following this blog. My initial reaction was, “Holy crap!” Followed up by, “really?” Well, to the people following this blog, I hope you understand that this endeavor is based on me wanting to help myself and my strategy for helping myself by helping others. So, if there’s something you’re interested in learning more about, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help. Looking back on my career I can surely say that my current niche skill set built because I set out to do what I wanted but rather built by my desire to help people get what they need (perhaps this will be a topic for another time).

Oh, and since I’m not sure how you found this blog please add a comment letting us know how you got here. It’s a slight mystery to me but part of the point of this blog is to understand how to get rolling so please, let us know so that others may learn how to increase their readership.

Update: If you need more information on blog traffic and SEOs, move into the future with this related post. You can also find a pretty good article on increasing blog traffic here.

Finally, I’d like to thank you all for taking the time to read my blog!

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