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As I said already, this is kind of a project around figuring out how to escape. I think it’s a pretty common human desire; always running to or from something.

More about me

Continuing on with a bit about myself. I’m not poor; my wife doesn’t work (nor do the kids) so I’m a sole provider. I have a good job at a large company and I’m compensated fairly well for what I do. My research suggests that I’m on track to retire someday. My occupation currently falls in the realm of data analytics (so fancy that everyone wants to claim that it’s what they’re doing). Here’s a quote that feels pretty true to me. “Big data is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it…” I think that sums it up pretty well.

Enough about that though. I’m pretty good at my job (or some everyone tells me) but I’m feeling like it’s not quite what I’m meant to do. I enjoy the programming, the data analysis, building my databases, etc. I think I just don’t care to work for someone other than myself.

Something lost

As a kid, I bought and sold things to make money; some said that I had an entrepreneurial spirit. I think that’s what I’ve been missing. So, back to the point of why I’m here. I think I need to be creating something for myself, and by for myself I think something that I create to help others which I feel good about. My professional life has been based on the philosophy that my primary career goal is to help people solve their problems. And consequently, I’m monetarily rewarded for my services. The more people I help, the more I’m compensated. It’s been a great working philosophy so far.

On a quest

In search of some business, intellectual property, passive income, and shorter time to retirement I’ve been searching for an answer. I’ve been reading some books, some out of basic curiosity, some looking for specific answers, some to improve how I handle my personal finances, some on investing, etc. There are lots of reasons and lots of books.

Overall the books didn’t give me the kind of details that I need so, I’m going to attempt some of these things and include as much detail as I can on how I’m doing it. If all goes well I’ll be better off and hopefully it’ll help you too.

I’m off for a bit more research and to plan tomorrow’s first step.

I’ve gone back and optimized this for the search engine. Something more about SEO here.

Also, this blog is now in the top 50 passive income blogs on feedspot.

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