Passive Income Journey

The Passive Income Journey

Four score and 37 plagiarisms ago, our internet forefathers saw fit to put in place something we once referred to as a weblog (shortened to blog). After many years of reading blogs that run with their various ilk, I’ve decided to put my long-standing written verbosity to use. We’ll see how the passive income journey goes.


Well, it looks like everything begins with an introduction. Which I hate. Every class and every meeting that begins with, “let’s introduce ourselves,” surely deserves to be shot in its mundane clavicle. But…I do respect the art of the show.

My name is unimportant and I have a small family. Wife, stepson (who I do my best to raise as if he’s my own son though I have a hard time understanding him as a person), and my only biological son (I’m pretty sure). Oh, and I just found out that my wife is pregnant so there’ll be one more offspring on the way. Virile! Shh, I’m attempting to stay humble, but if it’s another boy, then I’m totally boasting to all the guys with six girls who keep trying with the utmost futility to have a boy!

The Journey

passive income journey
swim for it.

Anyway, I’m on a journey, I suppose I’ve always been on a journey, but this one is about escape, and probably some education, and most likely some stuff I haven’t even considered yet.

You see, I’ve always been allowed to die. It was kind of a point of pride. Nobody was relying on me and I didn’t think too much about it. Now! There are people depending on me and somehow, I’m suddenly “not allowed to die.” But of course I found a way out; I take care of the family in perpetuity and then I think I can be allowed to die, or perhaps slink off into some kind of long vacation before I die. I’m sure there’s a word for it. Right, retirement.

Likely story I suppose but thus begins the journey of a thousand steps. At least once I’ve heard that a journey of a thousand steps begins with a single step but I’ve also heard that a man who takes one step takes two. By that logic, the journey is reduced to 500 steps. But I digress and it’s time for bed and a break from my now secret life as a late-night writer (or more smuttily put, a blogger).

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